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The Club shall be called The Tongariro and Lake Taupo Anglers’ Club (Incorporated) and shall be incorporated under the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and for the purposes of these rules shall hereinafter be referred to as the Club.

The objects of the Club shall be:

  1. To foster and promote angling for trout in the Taupo District within the guidelines of the best conservations principles.
  2. To improve conditions for anglers.
  3. To assist in the formulation and observance of Regulations covering angling on the rivers, lakes and other waterways of the Taupo Fishing District.
  4. To provide advice and assistance to anglers.
  5. To co-operate with appropriate agencies in the management of the Taupo Trout Fishery.
  6. To provide a social centre for Club members.
  7. To conserve, promote, foster advance and protect the angling interests of members.
  8. To subscribe to, become a member of, federate with or affiliate with any other club or organisation whose objects are the same or similar to those of this Club.
  9. To purchase, acquire, hold, take on lease, or hire, administer, improve and dispose of real and personal property as the Committee or the Club may think necessary.
  10. To erect and maintain such buildings as maybe considered necessary for the comfort and convenience and accommodate of members.
  11. To borrow or raise money or secure payment thereof by the issue of debentures, mortgages, charges, or liens upon the whole or part of the Clubs’ property or assets in order to enhance and develop the Clubs’ facilities.
  12. To promote or oppose legislation and/or other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests or welfare of the members.
  13. To set up branches of the Club.
  14. To make and amend regulations as may be required for the proper functioning of the Club.
  15. To do all such other lawful things as may appear to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

The Registered Office of the club shall be at the Club’s premises, Kokopu and Koura Streets, Turangi, or at such other place as the Committee may from time to time determine. All notices to the Club shall be sent to the Secretary, PO Box 149, Turangi or such other address as may be notified to members by the committee.

The financial year of the club shall be from 1 January to 31 December.

Members may comprise Voting Members and Non-voting Members as follows:

  1. Active Members, being adults who have been elected members and who have paid the subscription, or
  2. Honorary Life Members, being members who have rendered distinguished service to the Club over a significant period of time, and who have been proposed for that class of membership. The method of proposal for Honorary Life Membership requires nomination, the unanimous approval of the Committee on receipt of that nomination, and the approval of not less than three-fourths of the members present at the Meeting at which the proposal is put, or
  3. Financial Life Members, as determined from time to time by the Committee.
  4. Junior Members, being young people who hold a youth licence and who pay the junior annual subscription. Junior Members may not vote at Meetings.
  5. Associate Members who may be elected from time to time by the Committee. Associate Members may not vote at meetings or be members of the Committee.
  6. The number of members shall consist of those persons who are already members. If it is necessary to limit the number of members the Committee shall carry this out after the approval to do so has been obtained at an Annual or Special Meeting.
  7. There shall be no distribution, whether by way of money, property, or otherwise howsoever, to any member of the Club save reasonable remuneration for services rendered.

Persons may, on application to the Committee, be elected members or junior members of the Club. The process requires the applicants to be nominated and seconded by members of the Club, and to pay any fee, which may be required as an application fee.

  1. Resignation – Any member wishing to resign from the Club shall notify the Secretary/Manager in writing of that intention, and pay any debts to the Club. The resignation to be effective from the date the resignation is received by the Club. Any portion of unused subscription will not be refunded if a member resigns part way through the financial year.
  2. Non financial Members – The Committee may remove from membership any members whose subscription is one or more years in arrears.
  3. Expulsion – Any member who commits a breach of any of these Rules or the Regulations made by the Club or who by decision of the Committee has acted in a way unworthy of a member of the Club shall be liable to expulsion by a resolution of the committee provided that at least one week before the meeting at which such resolution is to be proposed the member shall have notice of the proposed resolution and shall have the right to address the meeting orally or in writing on that matter. Any member expelled under this rule shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership.

The annual subscription for all members shall be determined by the Committee for the next calendar year, shall be confirmed or amended at the next Annual Meeting, and shall be due and payable to the Secretary/Manager on 1 January.

The affairs of the Club shall be administered by a Committee made up of:

  • – A President
  • – The Immediate Past President
  • – Two Vice-Presidents
  • – Nine other Committee members elected at the Annual Meeting.
    1. Every candidate for the office of President, Vice-President and Committee member shall consent to that nomination and be nominated by two financial members of the Club by notice in writing to the Secretary/Manager prior to the date of the Annual Meeting at which the election is to take place. Should there be insufficient prior nominations; further nominations can be made at the Annual Meeting.
    2. If a ballot is needed to decide any of the Committee positions, a written ballot shall take place at the Annual Meeting. Two scrutineers shall be appointed for this purpose and at the conclusion of the ballot; the voting papers shall be destroyed. In the event of a tied ballot, the matter shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
    3. Retirement of Committee Members. At each Annual Meeting, the following members of the Committee shall retire and be eligible for re-nomination:
      – The President.
      – One Vice President.
      – Three of the Committee Members who have been longest in office.

Should it be necessary to decide three retiring Committee Members from a group of more than three with equal service, this is to be attempted first by agreement, and then by lot.

  • The vacancies arising from (c ) shall be filled by the election of a President, a Vice-President, and three other Committee Members.
  • Causal vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by the Committee, and any members so appointed shall retire at the next Annual Meeting. Such appointed service shall not be counted for subsequent retirement.
  • President. At all official functions, the President shall take precedence over all other members and shall take the chair at any meeting of the Club or Committee. In the absence of the President, one of the three senior officers (Vice-Presidents or Immediate Past President) shall be appointed by the President to act on the President’s behalf. Failing this, the meeting shall elect the person to chair the meeting or other event.


  1. The Committee shall meet when and where it decides.
  2. The Committee shall appoint a Secretary/Manager.
  3. The Secretary/Manager shall provide each Committee member with not less than seven days’ notice of meetings, and shall place a notice of each meting on the official notice board at the Club’s premises.
  4. The quorum for the Committee meetings shall be five Committee members.
  5. The Committee may appoint sub-committees for special purposes.
  6. The Committee may appoint an accountant to assist the Secretary/Manager and to provide the Committee with advice on financial matters.
  7. The Committee shall appoint from its members three persons to be signatories of its accounts.
  8. The Committee, at the close of each financial year, shall prepare an Annual Report, a balance sheet and a statement of revenue and expenditure for that year, present the financial statements to the Auditor or Reviewer of the Club and when audited or reviewed send same to the members prior to the Annual Meeting following that financial year.
  9. Only the Secretary/Manager and either one or two committee members specifically appointed by the committee may open and operate bank accounts, receive and receipt money, write cheques and make payments. Two signatures are required on all cheques.
  10. Surplus funds may be invested only as directed by the committee from time to time.
  1. The Secretary/Manager shall attend all meetings of the Club, the Committee and sub-committees, keep proper minutes of the proceedings, dispatch all notices required under these Rules, and inform the members of the Committee of all notices, documents and matters received on behalf of the Club, and shall carry out all other duties, including the management of the Club’s premises and its accounts, as required by the committee.
  2. The Secretary/Manager shall keep a register of members’ names, addresses and dates of becoming members as required by Section 221 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.
  3. The Secretary/Manager shall retain custody of, but shall submit for inspection by any member of the Club after notice has been given, the following documents:
    – Register of members
    – Minute book relating to Meetings
    – Any report, statement of accounts or other documents produced at a Meeting.
  4. All other documents and records of the Club shall be in the custody of the Secretary/Manager and shall be open to inspection by members of the Committee only.
  5. The Secretary/Manager prior to each Annual Meeting shall send to each voting member of the Club a copy of the Annual Report of the Committee for the year past, together with a copy of the balance sheet and the statement of accounts (or a summary of these), together with the Auditor’s or Reviewer’s report on those accounts. Following the Annual Meeting the Secretary/Manager shall send to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies authorised and signed copies of the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the preceding financial year.
  1. There shall be appointed at each Annual Meeting an Auditor or Reviewer who shall not be a member of the Committee and who should be a member of the “Institute of Chartered Accounts of New Zealand’.
  2. The Auditor or Reviewer shall examine and report to the Club on the accounts, securities and other assets of the Club for the financial year under review.
  1. The Club is governed by its members at its Annual and Special Meetings. There shall be one Annual Meeting a year and such Special Meetings as the members require
  2. Notice of Meetings. Every meeting of the Club shall be convened by written notice sent to each member not less than ten days prior to the date fixed for the meeting. Such notice shall state the date, time and place of the meeting and the nature of the business to be considered thereat.
  3. The quorum at Annual and General Meetings shall be fifteen members personally present. In the event of the quorum not being present within fifteen minutes of the appointed time, the President or person in the chair may adjourn the meeting to such other time as is declared fit, or declare the meeting to have lapsed.
  4. At any meeting of the Club, any resolution which would change a previous resolution or one of the Rules of the Club shall be approved by three-fourths of the voting members present; otherwise it shall have no force. Otherwise decisions which have the approval of a majority of the voting members present shall be binding.
  1. The Annual Meeting shall be held at the Club’s premises Kokopu and Koura Streets, Turangi at 7.30 pm on Easter Saturday or at such other place, date and time, as the Committee may decide, and publish in the Notice of Annual Meeting. The business of the Annual meeting shall be:
    – To consider and receive the Annual Report of the Committee for the previous financial year,
    – To consider and receive the Balance Sheets and Statement of Accounts for the previous financial year,
    – To elect a President, one (or two) Vice Presidents, and three (or more) Committee Members,
    – To appoint an Auditor or Reviewer,
    – To discuss and make decisions on any remits and recommendations,
    – To transact such other business as may be properly brought before the Meeting, and
    – To consider any amendments to these Rules as shall have been properly brought before the Meeting (see Rule 19).
  1. A Special Meeting shall be convened both upon the direction of the Committee, or upon a request in writing to the Secretary/Manager signed by ten members and stating the purpose for which the Meeting is required.
  2. The date, time and venue in Turangi at which a Special Meeting shall be held shall be decided by the Committee. It shall not be held less than fourteen days, or more than twenty-eight days after the receipt by the Secretary/Manager of the resolution of the Committee or of the requisition of ten members.
  3. At any Special Meeting the business shall be confined to that which has been set down in the notice calling members to the Special Meeting.
  1. At every meeting of the Club all questions other than the election of the Committee and any other questions in which a ballot is required, shall in the first instance be decided on the voices or at the wish of the meeting, on a show of hands. However, if a motion for a secret ballot is considered, it shall be decided on the voices or a show of hands. On all such questions the presiding officer shall have a deliberative vote and a casting vote should such be required.
  2. A statement from the chair that a question has been decided in the affirmative or in the negative and an entry to that effect in the minutes of the meeting duly approved as a correct record at a subsequent meeting shall be conclusive evidence that such question has been decided and how it has been decided.
  3. Only financial members shall be entitled to vote, and no proxies shall be allowed.

There shall be a Common Seal for the Club and the Committee shall provide for the safe custody thereof. The Seal shall not be affixed to any document except by authority of the Committee, and in the presence of two members thereof who shall affix their signatures to every document so sealed which shall be counter-signed by the Secretary/Manger.

Subject to the provision of Section 221 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, the Club may alter these Rules provided that no amendment shall be permitted if it in any way affects the Tax Exempt status of the Club. No rule may be altered nor any new Rule made without the sanction of a majority of three-fourths of the voting members present at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting. Notice of the proposed alteration or new Rule shall be sent to members fourteen days before the meeting.

The decision of the Committee on the interpretation of these rules or any other matter or thing contained in these rules and which pertains to the Club, its property or interest shall be conclusive and binding on all members until revoked at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting.

  1. The members of the Club may at a Special Meeting convened for the purpose of dissolution resolve that the Club be wound up. The resolution to wind up shall be carried by three-fourths of the voting members present at the meeting and such resolution shall be confirmed at a subsequent meeting of the Club called for that purpose not earlier than thirty days after the meeting on which the resolution to wind up was passed.
  2. If on the winding up of the Club there remains, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any assets, funds or property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club but shall be given or transferred to some Charitable Trust or to some other institution or Club having objects similar to the objects of this Club, to be determined by members of the Club at or before the time of dissolution, and in default of such determination then by any Court of New Zealand which may have jurisdiction in the matter.
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